Beautiful studio offering group classes and private instruction.

Yoga is an ancient practice that benefits the body physically, mentally, and spiritually. It creates strength with flexibility and encourages a calm, focused mind. Yoga nourishes the soul by participating in your self-careWe offer group classes and individual instruction.



9:30-10:15am     Vinyasa       Jen

4:00-5:00pm    Beginners   Lauren

5:30-6:30pm     Vinyasa*      Maryann


9:00-10:00am    Gentle Yoga*      Maryann

11:00-12:00pm   Yin                       Lauren

6:00-7:15pm      Vinyasa                 Jen


1:00-2:15pm      Iyengar 1-3           Lauren

5:30-6:30pm     Slow Flow*           Maryann

Friday 11:00-12:00pm  Chair Yoga           Lauren


11:00-12:15pm    Iyengar 2-3           Lauren

*These classes are a series

Lauren Davis           925-683-5623

Maryann Loucks     518-775-8505

Jen Darcy                 843-325-3144

Please contact the teacher for more information, and to see if there is space in the studio for you to join or to get the link for online.

All classes are held online, and at the studio.

We are following the 6ft rule and props are cleaned and available, but bringing your own would be advisable.